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Corneal Art Gallery


Corneal Art Gallery is special. This gallery is an architectural gem designed by our owners-artists, David & Sandy Corneal. Mr. & Mrs. Corneal built this structure to inspire the artists and students who have taught and learned at the campus throughout the years, as well as share their art collection with guests from all walks of life attending events on our campus.

Many of our wedding couples and celebration planners choose to spotlight the Gallery by assembling guests for a cocktail reception in the courtyard out front between the wedding ceremony and reception at Fern Hill Pavilion. When this is arranged, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres are served for an hour while the wedding party has their formal photography session.

Guided tours may be arranged for guests who choose to take a break from the festivities out front (food and beverages are not permitted in the Gallery). This multi-level collection is worthy of each guest's opportunity to view its private display of art forms representing many time periods!

The Facts:

  • Opportunity for 1-hour cocktail hour for guests while the wedding party has their formal photography session.

  • Pre-Arranged Guided Tours.

  • Multi-level awe-inspiring display of various art forms over many different time periods.

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