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Our History


Our campus is named after property owner, David Corneal's grandfather, Charles Barton McCann. C. Barton McCann School of Art was the vision of The Corneal Family. Mr. McCann, a Philadelphia high school art teacher, inspired students to pursue careers in art during the 1930's and 40's. During summer breaks, McCann chaperoned students to such stimulating natural areas as New Hope, Pennsylvania and upstate New York. These excursions offered avenues for the student's artistic development within a natural context. It is with the same vision and purpose that the C. Barton McCann School of Art was founded in 2006 by the Corneals - to provide students the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic talents. 

The C. Barton McCann School of Art is strategically located to serve all students. Located in Central Pennsylvania, the school is approximately 250 miles from New York City, 195 miles from Philadelphia, 175 miles from Baltimore, and 170 miles from Washington D.C. The school is easily reached by major highways.

The School is on temporary hiatus and expected to reopen. In the interim, artists, ceramics teachers and art educators interested in using the facility for retreats and classes are encouraged to contact us by email at

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