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Meetings & Retreats


Our venue offers quiet solitude and beautiful surroundings to encourage creativity, team building, brainstorming and sharing with any group. 

Our campus has been a reliable resource for businesses, non-profit organizations, human interest groups, clergy, art studies and more. The campus offers multiple structures for meetings depending on the size and individual needs of each group.

Yoga retreats, grief workshops and counseling groups have a particularly beautiful opportunity to align with nature and engage in quiet reflection in a variety of inspirational settings.

Businesses and university professionals have found our unplugged environment a refreshing opportunity for staff and executives to connect without the distraction of their everyday work environment.

Those interested in art studies will be enthralled with our studio environment and open campus with endless opportunities for nature inspired creations.

Our campus has wifi, several climate controlled indoor facilities, a full kitchen to support catered or potluck meals, and countless outdoor spaces for use. We look forward to working with you to create your ideal environment.

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